Is the Raleigh Rose Garden an Energy Vortex?

Arizona, 2010

Earlier this year we visited Sedona, AZ and the energy vortexes.  What is an energy vortex?  Each of your chakras (bodily energy centers) are energy vortexes.  In addition, people who are sensitive to energy feel spiraling spiritual energy emanating from certain spots on the earth and have called these spots vortexes.  The energy here facilitates prayer, meditation, and spiritual healing.  Sedona has a number of these vortexes.  Understanding energy within the body is an integral part of yoga.  Apparently, many people who know of the vortex claims at Sedona consider these claims “New Age.”  Some people think yoga is “New Age.”  Yoga is 7,000 years old and rooted in the Tantric practices of Shiva. 

When we got to Sedona, we went to Bell Rock first. 

Bell rock energy vortex Sedona

Bell Rock, Sedona, AZ

We hiked the trail and scrambled up the rock on the highway side of Bell Rock where the vortex is centered.  How were we to experience the vortex energy?  There aren’t laser beams shooting out of the ground.  There are no weird sounds.  The trees do look rather twisted.  This is from the effects of the energy.  We got to a comfortable sitting spot and sat down to meditate.  There were interesting things going on in the meditation.  A chakra visualization exercise part of the meditation involves visualizing each chakra in turn with a ball of spinning light at each one in turn using a standard color scheme and working through the chakras one at a time from the bottom up.

  • Muladhara (base of the spine) – red
  • Svadisthana (opposite sex organs) – orange
  • Manipura (at the navel) – yellow
  • Anahata (at the heart) – green
  • Vishuddha (at the throat) – sky blue
  • Ajna (trikuti or third eye) – indigo
  • Sahasrara (crown of head) – violet tinged white

Many times when doing this routine the colors may be indistinct or not seem to come at all.  The process may be slow or may require restart.  Here at Bell Rock, the chakra colors were bright and true and the routine developed a rythym that worked through all the chakras quickly.

Meditating at Bell Rock Vortex

Chakra popping meditation at Bell Rock

We also visited the Chapel of the Holy Cross which is built on another vortex in Sedona.  Meditation here can be done indoors on pews and is more comfortable.

Chapel of the Holy Cross at Sedona, AZ energy vortex

Chapel of the Holy Cross at Sedona, AZ energy vortex

Later we got to the Airport vortex.  There is a high rock that was perfect for seeing the whole Sedona skyline.  A meditation there proved just as powerful as one at Bell Rock.  It seemed like the effects were surging through the body.

Up on top at the Airport Vortex

Up on top at the Airport Vortex Sedona, AZ

Here was a spot to see a 360 degree view of the entire skyline.
Trees at Sedona Airport Vortex

Trees at Sedona, AZ Airport Vortex show energetic effects

These trees show the effects of the spiritual energy in the form of tremendous twists. 
There are more vortexes at Sedona and we hope to get to these in a future trip.
Raleigh, 2008
I attended an event where many of my friends were bringing their various meetup group activities to share with others.  A friend of mine there offered to give me a psychic reading.  I readily agreed – a new experience.  There were a number of phases to this reading but the one that has to do with this story was this.  I was told, “Your energy is not as strong as it should be.  You need to be outside more.  A good place to go is the Raleigh Rose Garden.”  Not too long after that I visited the Raleigh Rose Garden for the first time.
Raleigh, 2010
Raleigh Rose Garden arbor

Raleigh Rose Garden Arbor

I am now part of the staff at Raleigh Little Theatre and I do the rental for the Raleigh Rose Garden for special events.  A coincidence?  I have been to the Rose Garden at least once a week for over a year and several days a week most weeks.  After returning from Arizona, I remembered my advice from my friend to recharge my energy there and I also was fresh from my trip to the vortexes of Sedona.  I went over to the Rose Garden and started looking at the trees for signs of vortex energy.  The oaks are huge!!  The cedars are interesting and very large as well.  There are some junipers or something like that in the garden bordering the back drive facing the office that seem to have the same twists and turns of the trees at the Sedona vortexes.
Raleigh Rose Garden in October
Rose Garden seen from under a big Cedar at the Gazebo end.
I selected a spot to sit and did the same meditation I did at Sedona and got very similar results.  I am not sure that there is an energy vortex here.  Can you help me find out?  I would like people who can feel energy to try it out and let me know.
Join us for a chakra toning/chanting workshop at the Raleigh Rose Garden and let’s see if we feel the vortex.  Details here:Chakra Toning/Chanting Workshop 

About sordog1

Shiva Steve Ordog is a Yoga Instructor certified by Yoga Alliance - RYT 200, a Thought Field Therapy Practitioner (TFT-Algo) and a Zen practitioner. He is the author of a book on meditation, mindfulness, and yoga called "Hey, Yoga Man!: Yoga Practices for Everyday Life from a Prison Yoga Practice"
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4 Responses to Is the Raleigh Rose Garden an Energy Vortex?

  1. sordog1 says:

    My friend that did the reading for me and suggested the Raleigh Rose Garden as a place with “good energy” says: “I feel the energy there as well- feels awesome to me. Enjoy this glorious day!”

  2. mike komives says:

    Sedona — what a terrific location to connect to a peaceful environment. And Steve, your descriptive writing took me on a visual journey.



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