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Interview with the Monk arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge as we Occupy Raleigh

Occupy Raleigh and Occupy Wall St. are about a just society.  In yogic terms this means each individual and the societal institutions acting according to the yogic principles of Yama and Niyama.  Completely honoring these principles is not easy, but working toward … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage, Green Smoothies, and Genetically Modified Organisms in the Food Supply

This morning the main headline in the local newspaper is “Amendment on ballot: opposition drive begins SENATE VOTES TO PUT SAME-SEX MARRIAGE BAN BEFORE VOTERS.” A smaller headline, beginning at the fold says “Poverty hits record high, Number now 46.2 … Continue reading

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Green Smoothies – the daily routine – at the prison yoga practice

            This morning, I weighed myself and found that I have nine pounds to go to get to the “ideal” weight suggested by a doctor.  After feeding the hounds that will not be denied, our … Continue reading

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Satvic Foods – can an ancient approach help our health today?

The yogic approach to food is to consider eating and health as influenced by the gunas or tendencies.  There are three gunas: satva, raja, and tama.  Satva is quiet and blissful and promotes enlightenment.  Raja is energetic.  Tama is lethargic.  The yogic … Continue reading

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