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I’ve noticed a good portion of the asanas I do at the Prison involve the third chakra…

In conversation with a local yoga teacher, I mentioned that a number of these asanas worked on the third (Manipura) chakra and she asked me, “Why are you working on that one?”  I did not have a snappy answer  to … Continue reading

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This Prison Yoga Program Was Not My Idea!

Pashupati Steven Landau MD, FAAFP, ABHM, E-RYT started the Yoga program at the local prison.  He also kept track for a while and found that guys who came to 4 or more Yoga classes there returned to prison at a … Continue reading

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Hello world! and Namaskar!

I am a yoga instructor and am currently providing yoga instructions in the prisons.  This week has already provided me with some good practice opportunities.  I have been teaching yoga on a regular weekly basis at Wake County Correctional Center … Continue reading

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