Shiva Dancing School of Yoga – Now accepting new students

Shiva Dancing

Shiva Dancing

The Shiva Dancing School of Yoga  operates on a rotating lesson basis, and as we are getting ready to graduate out several members, now is a great time for you to come check out Pashupati’s teaching style to see if you might be a match for this class. Even if you (think) you are not interested in teaching, come see what we have to offer…it includes deep, insightful philosophical discussions, lots of laughter and great snacks, along with wonderful instruction in asanas, meditation and kirtan!

***Note! This is a four hour class! We meet every Sunday from 5:30 – 9:30 p.m. You will experience the philosophy of yoga, asanas (postures), kirtan (singing), meditation and more!***

***Parking Directions…drive around the back of The Well (which is a two story office type building 714 St. Mary’s St., Raleigh, NC 27605, 919-868-4729 – Pashupati) and park in the back. Enter through the back door and we are in the classroom on the left.***

No matter if you have been taking Yoga classes for years or have yet to attend your first, you’ll find Dr. Steven Landau’s Shiva Dancing School of Yoga classes have something to offer all levels.

All are invited, even those who don’t wish to become teachers, but who simply want to deepen their practice, or simply understand more about this science of spirit and body and have fun! A very good opportunity for anyone interested at all in yoga, no experience necessary, just an interest in yoga with a spiritual foundation.

A revolutionary approach to combining yoga and meditation, philosophy, service and society blends all these plus music, humor and stories into a coherent whole-year course to provide 200 hours of training for Yoga Alliance registration. Beginners are welcome to deepen their practice, and experienced teachers and practitioners are welcome to share their knowledge and wisdom.

Dr. Landau welcomes you to join in on a drop in/love offering basis. If you find that you resonate with his teachings, you may want to consider talking with him more about applying for Yoga Teacher Training.

Dr. Steven Landau has practiced yoga since 1971, training in India, Jamaica and the United States. He has been teaching for 25 years in prisons, hospitals, mental health centers, schools, health food stores and yoga centers. Pashupati means, “he who controls the base propensities” and is one of the names of Hindu god Shiva. After becoming a 200 hour RYT, he was honored to be elected as a member of the Yoga Alliance Board of Directors. A practicing family physician, he is board certified, Family Medicine, and has given lectures on the medical aspects of yoga and meditation at various medical schools. A disciple of Shirii Shirii Anandamurti, he has also studied with Peter Sage, (DaDa Vishvarupanada). Focus of teaching is the attainment of bliss and rendering of service to humanity. A master guitarist, music plays an important and magical part in his classes. He is also president of Amurt (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team) in the USA, and has traveled extensively to third-world countries rendering medical relief to hurricane, earthquake and poverty-stricken victims. He has taught classes in Spanish and French. Happily married, with three wonderful grown children his “marriage Tips” have saved many a marriage. “Do something concrete for suffering humanity,” Baba told him. And so he does. Dr. Landau has recently been certified at the 500 hour RYT in India.

Here’s a comment from Carol Allen, one of Pashupati’s recent yoga teacher training
graduates, who is currently teaching yoga and meditation at Greystone Baptist Church
in North Raleigh:

“Pashupati (Steven Landau) has a wealth of knowledge from his many years of
studying and experience. But one of the things that makes him a great
teacher is his excitement in sharing this information. He’s truly interested
in helping his students become all they are meant to be — physically,
mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Whether he is teaching anatomy,
teaching how to teach an asana, playing his guitar and leading kirtan,
listening to students’ problems, or discussing the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali,
he is right “at home.” It’s a delight to be in his class and to learn from
someone who is a true yogi and child of God.”



About sordog1

Shiva Steve Ordog is a Yoga Instructor certified by Yoga Alliance - RYT 200, a Thought Field Therapy Practitioner (TFT-Algo) and a Zen practitioner. He is the author of a book on meditation, mindfulness, and yoga called "Hey, Yoga Man!: Yoga Practices for Everyday Life from a Prison Yoga Practice"
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