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Green Smoothie Fasting at the Prison Yoga Practice – getting the hang of it

At first, we tried our favorite juice recipes as smoothies, but some of them did not taste very good!  We experimented around and found a few favorites.  Then we started to feel like we could work the blender and get … Continue reading

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Five diet tips for a step towards optimal health from a casual yogi

1 – The average American diet is killing us by making our livers fat and messing up our endocrine systems.  The number one ingredient doing this is high fructose corn syrup.  Make a game of finding out where this is … Continue reading

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Which foods are tamasic, and why do I care?

Tamasic means having tama guna.  It is one of the three gunas (tendencies) discussed in the last post.  Something tamasic makes the body and mind sluggish and slow, leading to torpor. The tamasic foods include meat, fish, onions,  garlic, mushrooms, alcohol.  In addition fermented foods, including  … Continue reading

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High Fructose Corn Syrup – okay or toxin – at the prison yoga practice

I’ll cover this one briefly.  Glucose is a kind of sugar that every cell in your body can directly use.  Fructose must be processed by your liver.  Table sugar is sucrose which is a combination of the two.  Fructose in … Continue reading

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