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Doing vs. Being – Amit Goswami – at the Prison Yoga Practice

Amit Goswami, the Quantum Activist has wonderful things to say to explain how consciousness is the ground of all being.  This Quantum Physicist talks about how consciousness chooses between the all of the possibilities and then causes the “collapse” of the possibilities … Continue reading

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Hey, Yoga Man! – great new yoga book – now available!

Hey, Yoga Man! is now published and available! Each Sunday we do asana practice for the first part of class. The second part includes topics from yoga philosophy, meditation, attention and awareness practice and other great things. This involves giving … Continue reading

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Guard towers and the Present Moment – at the Prison Yoga Practice

In the car, I have been listening to Eckhart Tolle.  He has been telling me that there is no more important relationship than our primordial relationship with the present moment, and that this relationship is with life itself.  As I arrive … Continue reading

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Laughter Yoga – at the Raleigh Little Theatre show “Really Rosie”

Look at this link for the official description of what laughter yoga is, but laughing is good for the body, the endocrine system, and the energy system.  It’s just plain fun, too! Last night, we took some little ones to … Continue reading

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